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Hello, everyone!

It’s that time of the year again where people of all ages dress up in cool costumes and get candy (mostly kids, though)! I’ve never been trick or treating before, but I don’t really want to go because I think it’s more fun to just stay home and help give out candy to people. I usually see a lot of silly costumes every year, such as a shower (my friend actually dressed up as one a few years ago) and a box of cereal. My mom and dad always decorate our house for Halloween, and it seems to look better every year. This year, my dad bought some fake spider webs and hung them around our house. Quite a few people that were walking past our house commented on them! On Friday, a lot of people at my school dressed up in interesting costumes. I didn’t have a costume so I just decided to wear a witch hat with purple feathers. My friends seemed to like my hat a lot… In fact, one of my friends ran away with my hat because she liked it so much! My favourite costume that I saw at school would probably have to be my friend’s because she dressed up as a jellyfish. At around 11 or so, we had a costume parade in the gym! Everyone who dressed up got to walk around the gym, and the people who had the best costumes in each grade got prizes. Overall, it was a pretty fun day.

Image: MEOOOOOW Back Off My Pumpkin!!!! by Elizabeth The Queen Of All Things through a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works license.

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Hey, everyone!

These past few weeks have been pretty interesting because I got to work on a fun project in info tech. We got to draw houses in a program called GIMP. At first it seemed a bit complicated getting the house to look right, but after erasing some things, it looked much better. The part I liked the most was colouring the house and adding extra things to it. The reason why the grass looks strange is because there weren’t any grass brushes like Photoshop has, so I had to use a different brush for the grass. It took me a while to make the Christmas lights look right, but I think it was worth it because it made my house look brighter and more cheerful. Someone in my class decided to add a family of green peppers near her house along with a polar bear which was pretty funny. One thing I could have done better was the sky because it doesn’t really seem realistic. I also should have added more grass on the corners, too. If you’d like to see the picture in its original size, click here.

What do you think of my house? Is it colourful? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Image by Yana.

Today’s episode of my Pokemon Ruby Destiny playthrough begins with Professor Birch explaining some things about the wonderful world of Pokemon to you! After he’s done that, you’ll find yourself inside of a truck. Why, you may ask? You’ll find out once you get out of the truck! Once you’re outside by your new home, your mom greets you and asks you to come inside and see what the new house is like. It seems that your dad has bought you a new clock! After you go check your room out, you go back downstairs to find your mom watching TV. That’s all I’m going to say. If you want to find out what happens next, you’ll have to watch the video! If you have any questions, post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted something, but it’s better to post something than nothing at all, right? Since I’ve been playing Wonderland Online lately, that’s what I’ll write about today. When you first start off in the game, you’ll be at level 1. You’ll level up by fighting monsters and people in the game. On a side note, there’s no blood when you fight which makes it more “family friendly”. There is some minor swearing in the game (I think I’ve only seen 1 or 2 swear words overall in the game so far). Once you get used to fighting, head over to Kelan villages cave and fight the monsters there until you reach level 10. When you fight a monster in the game, they may drop something when you defeat them. The monsters in the cave usually drop ores. At this point, you could sell them for money which will help you later on in the game, or you could compound them to raise your alchemy level. When you reach level 11, go to the chicken farm (north of Welling village). Fight the chickens until you reach level 16. It’s easier to level up in the game if you use a remote. That way, you won’t have to stay on the computer all day. The remote automatically makes your character fight for as long as you want. It’s better if you have some food with you, because if a monster manages to make your HP drop to 0, you’ll lose EXP (experience points). The Beetle Den is a good place to train if you’re at level 17, and then you should go to the Pine Forest once you’re at level 29. I hope this helped you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

As you can see, I decided to add a simple layout to my posts. I’ve been thinking about making a layout for quite a while because I thought it’d make the post more interesting. Tell me what you think about the layout so far! I might add a few things to it in the future so that it’ll be more organized. Anyways, it’s already the end of July! Time goes by quickly when you’re having fun. The reason why I didn’t post anything since June is because I was busy with some things. I’ll try to post more often, though! How has your summer been so far? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

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120440_RemixHi, everyone!

Our final blogging assignment is to write about how our posts have changed in the past few months. When I first started blogging back in October, my posts were pretty short and didn’t have a lot of details, but now, my posts have way more details! Take this post for example. If you compare it to my first post, you’ll notice that the newer post is longer and has more details than the first one. It also has more information about the topic. I think that the opportunity to blog has  changed my writing quite a lot. Before I started blogging, my writing was still pretty good, but there were still some mistakes every now and then. When we were writing our Olympic Torch Run post, Mrs. Braidwood told us some words that’ll make our posts sound better, such as “after”, “finally”, “while”, “when”, and so on. The reason why she told us that is because reading a post that just jumps from idea to idea would be pretty boring.

At the beginning of the year, it was kind of hard for me to think of ideas for my posts, but now it’s easy. Instead of writing 1 choice post a week, I can usually write 2 or even 3 posts! Another thing that has changed in my writing is my use of words. When I began blogging, I usually had to repeat the same word in almost every sentence I wrote because I couldn’t think of other words that would fit.

Overall, I think my writing skills have improved a lot since I have started blogging. Do you think blogging is fun? Are you going to continue writing posts on your blog in the summer? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Image: 12:04:40 by Tony the Misfit through a CC Attribution license. Remixed by Yana.

hey mom - look at that credit card!! by MNicoleMHello, everyone!

Have you ever heard someone use the term “web 2.0 tools”? I have, and that’s what we’re supposed to write about this week. My class has learned a lot about web 2.0 tools this year (and last year, too). Some web 2.0 tools are also referred to as “21st century tools”. That’s because they were made in the 21st century. Here’s a list of a few 21st century tools:

  • Animoto- We’ve been using this site to create cool slideshows, such as this one!
  • YouTube- Used to upload and share videos. Some schools have blocked this site, so they have to use Vimeo instead.
  • Vimeo- Used to upload and share videos. Like I stated above, some schools use Vimeo instead of YouTube because it’s blocked.
  • Wiki Spaces – A great site that teachers and students can use to easily work together with people from around the world on collaborative learning projects.
  • Wordle – Another great site that’s used to make word clouds. The results look fantastic! You can check them out if you click on the link.
  • Glogster- This site is used to create cool posters called “glogs”. If you’re the type of person that likes to create things such as posters, then I think you should definitely check Glogster out. If you’d like to see an example of a glog, click here.
  • Vocaroo- This is used to record something and then share it with your friends. My class used Vocaroo to record our Maori mihis!
  • Those are only a few web 2.0 tools that my class has used this year. When I go to high school, I think some of the most important sites/programs would have to be Microsoft Word for writing things such as essays and stories, Wiki Spaces for working on collaborative projects with people, Skype to talk to people around the world (I’m a bit too shy to do that, though), and YouTube to upload and share videos. There are still a few more that I’ll probably need to use in high school, but it’s still good to at least know something, right?

    Some tools that I’ll probably use regularly are Prezi, WetPaint (it’s basically like Wiki Spaces, except there are some features that allow you to make your wiki look more like a site than an actual wiki), and Wall Wisher. I’ll use Prezi to make slide shows for projects (or just for fun). When I have some extra time, I could fix my WetPaint wiki/site and allow people to edit things if they know something that I don’t, or if they just want to help out. Finally, I’ll use Wall Wisher to post comments on my friends’ walls! You can use Wall Wisher for all sorts of things like sharing your opinion on something, giving people ideas, or even telling people why you should visit their site!

    What’s your favourite 21st century tool that you have used this year? Why? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

    Image: hey mom – look at that credit card!!by MNicoleM through a CC Attribution – Noncommercial license.


Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2007 by Christopher Chan Hey, everyone!

The year has been going by so quickly! School is almost over and we have to write a post about our New Year’s resolutions that we made at the beginning of the year. The goal that I’ve been the most successful with is my personal goal, which was to drink more water. I’ve been drinking a lot of water since January, and I think that I’m going to continue doing that all year. Another goal that I have been successful with is my school goal. My school goal was to eat breakfast before I go to school so I’ll have more energy and I won’t be so tired. The ones that I haven’t been doing so well at are my global and community goals. My global goal was to donate money to charities, but I didn’t do that yet. I am going to start taking commissions for avatars, though. I’ll probably donate the money to the SPCA. Finally, my community goal was to volunteer at the SPCA. The reason why I haven’t met this goal is because I have been pretty busy this year. The most important goal that I haven’t met is my global goal. To be successful with this goal, I’ll probably take commissions for other things such as games. That will help me make more money so that I can donate it to the SPCA. I learned quite a bit about New Years resolutions ever since the beginning of the year. Instead of making easy goals, I learnt that I should make goals that take a while to meet. It’s also a good idea to write some things that can help you with your goal.

What were your goals? Which one was the most important to you? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Image: Sydney New Years Eve Fireworks 2007 by Christopher Chan through a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works license.

3DSHello, everyone!

If you read my previous post, you’d probably know that there are 2 new Pokémon games that’ll be released soon called Pokémon Black and White. The official website for the games gets updated quite often, and one of most interesting things that the site revealed was that you can upload your Black and White save file to the Internet and play it on a special site once the games are released. I’m not sure if you can play the games fully, or if there will be limitations, but hopefully I’ll find out soon. I made a video with some screenshots of the game, so if you want to see some interesting pictures, feel free to watch the video.

If you’re a fan of the Nintendo DS, you’ll probably like the Nintendo 3DS. The top screen shows everything in 3D while the bottom screen doesn’t. One of the cool things about the 3DS is that you don’t need 3D glasses to experience the 3D effect! The front of the system features 2 camera lenses, which you can use to take 3D photos. You can also watch 3D movies from Disney, Warner Bros., and Dreamworks. Some games that are going to be released soon are Little Big Planet 2, PokéPark Wii Pikachu’s Adventure,  and Final Fantasy XIV. Little Big Planet 2 has a lot of familiar things from the first game, such as the Popit, but this time, it’s better. The new Popit lets you compose music, make movies, and much more.

There are so many Final Fantasy games at this point in time, but have you ever wondered why the game is called “Final” Fantasy? The game was originally going to be Square’s (now known as Square Enix) final game because the company was bankrupt. Fortunately for them, the game sold 400 000 copies. That was enough for Square to continue making games!

What type of DS do you like the most? If you could create a portable game system, what would it be called? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Sonic ColoursHiya!

Last month was pretty exciting because the starter Pokémon for generation 5 have been revealed! The grass Pokémon is called Tsutarja, the fire type’s called Pokabu, and the water type is called Mijumaru. I think they all look cool, but my favourite would have to be Mijumaru. Some images (and videos) of the game have been posted on the game’s official site. Also, there’s going to be a new Sonic game called “Sonic Colours“ that’s going to be released sometime in the winter this year. It’ll be for the Nintendo Wii and the DS. The Wisps (the little alien creatures in the game) have a different role in the DS version. There will be more than 8 planets in the game, and each of them are linked together to form a huge carnival in space. Another new game that’s going to be released soon is Sonic The Hedgehog 4, also known as “Project Needlemouse”. Some of you may be wondering “What’s with the 4?”. Well, I’ll explain. Sonic 4 is a sequel to Sonic 3, a game released on May the 27th in 1994 for the Sega Genesis. The story starts off with Sonic’s animal friends suddenly disappearing from South Island. Shortly after that, Sonic discovers that they’re being kidnapped by Dr. Eggman. I won’t spoil the rest for you, so I’ll just leave you with a few questions.

Which game are you looking forward to the most? Why? If you could create a game, what would it be about? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Image from The Sonic News Network.

Cat with no name by Sascha GrantYo!

For part of the 10th challenge, we have to write about our blogging accomplishments. Ever since the beginning of March, I have received 61 comments and written 19 posts (not including this one). 15 of those posts were school based, and the rest were about video games. As for the comments, 26 were by my classmates (not including my comments). The post that received the most comments was my “7 Random Facts About Me” post. I’m not quite sure why it has the most comments, but it’s probably because it was the most popular post to comment on at the beginning of the year. I’ve never changed my blog theme because I think this theme suits my blog pretty well, and it looks awesome, too. The only bad thing about having this theme is that people can’t subscribe to my blog unless I upgrade my account, which I don’t plan on doing anytime soon. Currently, I have 16 widgets. I think that’s enough because if I had more, my blog might be a bit confusing for some people. The widgets that I have at the moment are useful because most of them have some kind of information, such as my “Recent Comments” widget.

Overall, I think my blog has improved a lot since I have started blogging.

What did you enjoy the most in the blogging challenge? If you could add something to your blog, what would you add? Post a comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!

Image: Cat with no name by Sascha Grant through a CC Attribution – Noncommercial – No Derivative Works license.